The Main Objectives of Edwin Digital Library are :

  • To promote sharing of resources among the libraries by developing a network of libraries, by collecting, storing and disseminating information and by offering computerised services to the users;

  • To undertake scientific research in the area of Information Science and Technology, create new systems in the field, apply the results of research and publish them;

  • To offer technical guidance to the member-libraries on collecting, storing, sharing and disseminating information;

  • To coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible;

  • To establish /facilitate the establishment of referral and /or research centres, and maintain a central online union catalogue of books, serials and non-book materials of all the participating libraries;

  • To faciliate and promote delivery of documents manually or mechanically;

  • To develop specialised bibliographic database of books, serials and non-book materials;

  • To develop databases of projects, specialists and institutions;

  • To possess and maintain electronic and mechanical equipment for speedy communication of information and delivery of electronic mail;

  • To coordinate with other regional, national and international networks and libraries for exchange of information and documents.